Apple said its bio-gas fuel battery factory will put into use in June

Apple recently disclosed in the documents submitted to the north Carolina state regulators, the building-in bio-gas fuel battery system will be put into use in June, which will provide electricity for its data center in North Carolina. This time is more advanced than earlier media forecast .

Apple revealed more about the technical details of the fuel battery system in the document: this 4.8 million watts of facilities is made up of 24-200 kW fuel battery system, each system has six power generation module. These fuel battery systems use methane as a fuel and then transform it into electricity. Apple will use the Bloom Energy’s Bloom boxes to power their equipment, to construct the American largest private fuel battery equipment.

Apple said in the document that the first batch of fuel battery systems will be put into use in June, while the entire system will be in fully operational in November.Apple hopes the equipment to make better use of resources, to improve the image of them in the eyes of the public that do not pay attention to protect the environment and energy use.

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