Popularity of the touch screen Apple re-won the epidermis technology patents

In today’s electronic device, the touch screen has been popular, and Apple has been moving into the field of multi-touch – the Multi-Touch Skin. As many devices are multi-dimensional structure, and they can not constitute by a complete touch plane, which also makes the touch screen to have the relative limitations , to which the mMulti-Touch Skin can play a role, and can be used with equipment keys in conjunction.

For example, on a device remote control,it is not suitable with touch screen, but Apple can configure the the Multi-Touch Skin in different locations of the remote control , and the location of these the Multi-Touch Skin may be uncontinuous, located in different surface . So that when we manipulate the device with Multi-Touch Skin with some special multi-touch gestures , the device the system will immediately complete instruction .

In addition to the remote control, some sports equipment can also configure the Multi-Touch Skin to make better tracking analysis for the trainer movement.

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