NVIDIA will launch the Tegra3 quad-core tablet with only $199

NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, said in the New York Times interview this week the $199 Android tablet would be released this summer. And they expected to drop the cost price to $150 based on the facelift Tegra devices. With the reduction of flash memory ,he also hinted that the quality may decline due to the reducing of the equipment materials.

Huang said :: “You can consider more of the 7-inch flat-panel with teh price of $199″.

This tablet similar to the Nexus will stimulate the market of $199. This tablet is with 7-inch screen and quad-core Tegra processor, the 7 inches tablet is expected to be produced by ASUS and they will compete the market share with the Amazon Kindle .

While the performance of such a low price, the manager worries about its Android function and frankly they may forward to Windows8.

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