Google will launch Android 4.0.4 updates with improved battery life

Google has launched the official updated Android 4.0.4. In addition to the Nexus series phone, the Motorola Xoom tablet (Wi-Fi version) can also upgrade to the latest IMM76 firmware version. For early adopters, a developer advance extracte from the official update package download. There are some users encountering download errors, if worried about errors, you can patiently wait for the official OTA upgrade.

It is reported, Xoom upgraded to Android 4.0.4, mainly obtains the following update: First, battery life has been strengthened, then the effect of the rotation of the screen is faster, the quality of teh pictures taken would be enhanced, while the Microsoft Exchange services has also been enhanced. In addition , users can also set whether or not to press the power button to lock screen.

Download from here:

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