50% of the 2012 Tablet PC panel will be produced by the eighth-generation line

The Tablet PC is no doubt the super star in the TFTLCD industry, so far, the most successful Tablet PC is definitely the Apple iPad series. March 7, Apple has released the latest NewiPad equipped with a 9.7 “dual QXGA (2048 × 1536) LCD panel resolution of the retina. NewiPad has brought another severe storm of competition for the Tablet PC market, because other brands also plans to introduce new products to seize the attention of consumers, such as Samsung, LG, HP, HTC, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Amazon Kindle.

Tablet PC sizes changes from 7.0 “-10.1″. To TFTLCD panel manufacturers, the growing tablet PC market can help them digest the old capacity, such as the four-generation line and six-generation line of the plant equipment. These old lines have been the depreciation period and with cost advantages, while mature production capacity can be more helpful to panel manufacturers improving manufacturing equipment and processing to produce more high-end tablet PC panel, such as ultra-thin glass substrate, bright backlight module, to increase panel transmittance and wide viewing angle technology, such as the IPS, FFS, or the PLS.

However, the panel makers may not use the four-generation line or six generations of older production line to produce 9.7 “or 10.1″ Tablet PC panel. In fact, based on the powerful potential panel makers produce Tablet PC panel by turning updates and more generations , especially the eight-generation line. The latest technology and most advanced process used in the eight-generation line will ensure that there is sufficient capacity to produce Tablet PC panel.

According to recent the Quarterly Large-Area Production Strategy Report,which pointed out that in the 2011 the first Five lines produced the largest production line of tablet PC panel (9 “) . However, in 2012 the eight-generation line will become Tablet PC panel main production plant.

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