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Price of solar batteries will continue to face pressure

Chinese solar companies, including JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd., Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. and LDK Solar LDK Solar Co., Ltd. recorded in the third quarter loss, due to declining sales and rising inventories. Low-cost solar panels in China, supply surge, as well as changes in some of Europe’s major markets in the context of [...]

German Hydrogen and fuel battery technology investment fund reached $ 339 million

Up to now, Germany has invested € 393 million financing to support hydrogen and fuel battery technology development. Of these, 55% of the financing of infrastructure for hydrogen production and transport.
Hydrogen and fuel battery technology national organizations (NOW) president KlausBonhoff said: “Hydrogen and fuel battery technology is gaining momentum thanks to a renewable form of [...]

U.S. CPSC recall the rechargeable lithium batteries which made in China

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Columbia Sportswear Company, today announced a domestic Omni-Heat ? can be a voluntary recall of rechargeable lithium batteries.
The recalled product is the jacket heating system battery power. Omni-Heat ? Electric jacket styles including: Omni-Heat ? Electric Wader Widgeon, Omni-Heat ? Electric Big Game and the Omni-Heat ? Gale [...]

Lead-acid battery technology to improve to control pollution

China Environmental Science Research Institute of Environmental baseline and Key Laboratory of Environmental Risk Assessment Office, Liu Zhengtao toxicological effects of lead-acid batteries that can exist and rapidly expanding market demand in addition to the majority of outside, it’s pollution can be controlled.
In fact, after a technical level and industrial equipment of continuous improvement, lead-acid [...]

Inflatable solar lights battery has been released which can be recharged for 800 times or more

Environmentally friendly way in order to pass the less developed countries to provide lighting, designers introduced this inflatable solar lights. It looks like an inflatable transparent plastic bag, compact, easy to fold. Plastic with two internal thin film solar panels, not only to convert solar energy into electrical energy, while also saving energy for later [...]

Odersun’s thin film solar batteries get “Europe” certification

Odersun’s thin film solar batteries allow from now on with “Europe” certification mark, the certification issued by the VDE Institute. This certification can use Odersun components of solar power station operators Conto Energia IV according to the Italian feed-in tariff bill is higher than the 10% discount. Global photovoltaic net
GSE and energy sector cooperation, the [...]