Panasonic CEO said they will improve the battery output and battery security

Japan panasonic said on Monday, will volume production a new type of explosion-proof, in order to improve the laptop battery costs. September this year, SONY made frequent notebook computer batteries due to the fault, lithium ion battery fever and deformation, matsushita about the hidden trouble of the battery to 6,000 free replacement, although the battery isn’t SONY production, but it had to let the industry examine again the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

This time, panasonic will production safety lithium ion battery, using a thermal isolation layer of technology, maximize prevent a battery overheat the distortion. Implement quantity, will produce a month after the battery is about 500 million such.

To improve the safety of new notebook computer, the notebook battery will take a lead in use. Such batteries are expected to three years is expected to account for the production of the panasonic, more than half of the battery. Currently panasonic monthly laptop battery production capacity of about 1,500 thousand dollars.

The safety of laptop batteries in September this year, the industry by increasing concern people buy notebook also the same for battery for further consideration, seems lithium ion battery in the technical aspects of the improvement is imminent.

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