Photovoltaic cells promise the company successfully passed ISO9001 audit

6 to 7 December, Center for Quality Mark Certification Audit Group Connaught Solar Power Company conducted a 2 days of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system third-party certification audit, the relevant person in charge of various departments attached great importance to close collaboration with the battery company successfully passed the examination and evidence gathering.
The certification audit, the audit staff by looking at the scene, review documents, ask questions and so on, using the process approach audit approach, according to ISO9001: 2008 quality management standards, in accordance with the process approach to establish the quality management system covering all elements of a careful and meticulous, strict review. In the last meeting, the audit group of experts on the operation of quality management system has given full recognition, and agreed that: Marino Solar Power Company in the implementation, operation and maintenance of ISO9001 Quality Management System is a competent and effective, the key quality management process works well, in line with standard requirements, no nonconformities occur. While affirming the achievements, audit experts also put forward guiding suggestions.
The successful completion of certification fully proved Marino PV Group Battery Company as the quality of life, the concept of rapid internationalization and determination, is the result of joint efforts of all staff. With ISO9000 quality management system platform, the Group of Connaught PV product quality and market competitiveness in the continuous improvement will have a more substantial upgrade.

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