Advertising On Business Directories vs. Search Engines

There are SEO companies, advertising firms, marketing agencies, and even web developers out there that are fighting for your money to get your name out there. What’s the difference between working with those companies, and simply submitting myself to business directories?

The difference is the money you spend, and how effective they are. Investments consist of getting a return bigger than what you spent. It’s no different when you’re putting an investment with marketing.

An advertisement doesn’t guarantee a sale once a customer gets in contact with you, but the goal of marketing is for as many people to know about your business as possible. That means getting as many people through the door and calling your phone number as you can get. Closing the deal is up to you at that point.
I’ve personally tried an advertising firm myself with the same thought as I’m sure other people had. It turned out I was bleeding money because the products I sold as a direct result of advertising through a firm was producing less revenue than what I paid for the advertising. I cut my losses immediately and thought it over. I wanted to talk to the customers myself for cheap.
That’s where a business directory came in! You can list your business for free in most cases, and you’ll number will be out there when customers look for your sort of business. I ended up getting phone calls as a result! I sold less total products in the same time span, but the profit margin was enormous in comparison which is much more important. That’s the difference in a summary: your number of customers, and the return on your investment.


What I’ve Learned About Business Directories

I’m a twenty-two year old with my home that I got with a few roommates. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish especially in this real estate market, but I had a great credit score, and enough ambition to give it a try.
The biggest problem was all of the learning experiences you have while owning a home like all the maintenance it requires.
That learning experience was one that I had a lot of trouble with. There were many minor problems with the house that I either couldn’t deal with myself or didn’t have the time. Between getting a clog out of our kitchen sink, replacing a power outlet, having the lawn mowed, and getting a new fence installed, it wasn’t the sort of thing I could leave to a single service.
I spent so much time on Google, but most of the top results were different pages to the same site that had some scary reviews on it. Many others were articles that I simply didn’t care about. I ran into a business directory, though and decided to give it a try. I’m a bargain shopper, so it was my nature to go through at least a dozen companies.
One of my favorites was Concord Landscaping Construction, they had a new fence put up in no time at all, and more importantly they were cheap. Going through all of those businesses it made it easy to find the services I need, and I got everything done for the house in just over a week. It makes things simple, and easy, and that’s why I always go to them now when I need a contractor.



Search Engine, or Business Directory?

Business directory
There is a large undeniable difference between search engines, and business directories, and a particular time to use either one.
The main difference is that a search engine brings up just about anything that exists on the internet based on the keywords you type into the search bar. It isn’t always ideal if you’re looking for a business to hire for a particular service like landscaping, plumbing, electrical, or anything else for that matter. There’s a saying that says “there’s a right tool for every job,” and it applies while you’re searching throughout the internet too.
If you’re wanting to browse for the right company to do business with, then you want to look toward the direction of business directories. There are more than a few of them online, and you likely already found a few if you used a search engine first. A business directory will list established businesses, and established businesses only. It takes a lot of the abysmal clutter out of your search, and anyone who’s experienced with the internet will tell you that there is a lot of clutter on there.
A business will allow you to go through a list of companies in a list that’s tailored to the kind of company you are looking for. It’s organized and guaranteed to contain the information you need to either learn more about them or get in contact with them directly. If you’re using the internet as a tool on the day to day basis, then the you need to learn how to use it more efficiently, and a business directory is a great start.

The Difficulties of Owning a Small Business, and How a Business Directory Can Help

As an individual who has weaved through the business world in, and out for a handful of years, there is something that sticks out to me. Today, the classic American dream of starting a small business is indescribably hard to accomplish. There’s such a vast ratio of people who run a business and just work for one, that there are many people out there that don’t quite understand. For some people, if they understood how hard it was they would immediately run to the boss they previously hated and give them a huge hug.
There are so many hidden complications, and expenses to owning a business that it’s almost like the system is specifically built for only the pre-existing major corporations to remain viable, although tasks are much easier when it’s a smaller company. A big corporate business will have a large group of people each with a larger group of employees who specifically spend their job doing the one task that a small business owner has to do himself among many others. A small business owner simply doesn’t have the luxury of hiring numerous employees unless the majority of their employees are directly generating revenue that is exponentially higher than what they’re getting paid. That’s true for every business, but it’s much harder when you don’t have a business already established, and well known among potential customers.
It’s a real shame because a lot of these small businesses that fail are the very same businesses that we say don’t exist. The unfortunate truth is that even a high quality service isn’t good enough on its own to make a company thrive. Satisfied customers who recommend your service to their friends is fantastic but is also very slow. Bigger companies sometimes pay more than others make in their entire lives into marketing firms, SEO specialists, and other forms of advertisement to get any word they need out.
For example, Concord Tree Services is an incredible tree service that I’d recommend to a friend, but they wouldn’t be here today if they didn’t have more than just a great service to get the word out about theirselves. Owners that have only recently started their business need a place to help get their word out even though they don’t have the expendable income for web developing companies.
The easy solution is business directories. Although it’s recommended to have a piece of digital real estate online, a business directory will help get the word of your fantastic service out there without you having to either much money or effort in. They are easily found by search engines, and you don’t have to fork over a year’s revenue to get your business listed. Any business needs more customers with less effort, and a business directory will list your business along with many others in a way that’s convenient for people who may find your business. Entering my business into business directories online would be one of my first steps while marketing, and I recommend looking into them yourself if you need help as well.



How to Find a Business Directory, and Which Ones to Trust

The business directory

Business directories are a lot more common than you’d think and pretty simple. An early example of one before the age of the internet kicked off would be a phone book. It doesn’t exactly sound very advanced, but at the time, it was how you got the information you needed for a business like something as simple as a phone number.
Now some of those very companies that used to print phone books worked parallel with the digital age by turning their phone book into an online business directory. You don’t have to flip through a thousand pages to get to the one you want, though. Instead, you simply have a search bar and a way to generate a list of businesses organized the way you want them to be organized. They’re very useful and do everything you need them too if you want the address of a specific business, or if you’re looking for a business that can patch a hole in your wall.
Ironically enough, one method of finding a reputable business directory is with a search engine like Google. If you want some recommendations from me, you want a larger company that’s proven to be reputable with a business directory. The most important part of a business directory is that it’s consistently kept up with and that it’s one businesses are likely to populate.
Popular ones are websites such as Yellow Pages, Four Square, MapQuest, and more. If they aren’t spamming your computer and have a name that’s recognizable, then you’re on the right track for the business directory you’re looking for.

The Power of Business Directories

Boost Your Business

While looking for a particular business, or service to help you out, you find that they can be difficult to find at times.  Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo can be a little unreliable because they work based on an algorithm that doesn’t quite always have your interests in mind.  What you want to use instead is something called a business directory.

A business directory is something you can find online to search for purely reachable businesses.  When you’re looking for basic contact information, or maybe a little more specific factual information, a business directory is the place that you’d go for it.  The importance of this is that it’s non-biased.  It’s not based on customer reviews, an SEO company, a lot of paid marketing, or anything else for that matter which for some people is critical.  Not only that, but it offers other features that a search engine won’t give you.

Imagine that you’re in business for yourself that’s looking to help other businesses thrive with your next leading commercial service.  Going through a search engine can take forever, and while your finding customers you have to understand that time is inscrutably vital.  For a business directory, you can go through a particular category of businesses, or industries that you’re looking for if you want, and simply work your way down the list.  A business directory will list the phone numbers for that business as a requirement as well as other information you may need to start a conversation with a potential future customer.

It’s also good for a business that wants to be found.  If you’re looking to be found online with a very minimal budget,  a good start is getting yourself into the most popular business directories.  Even people who weren’t searching through a business directory to find your business will find the business directory that you’re a part of through the search engine they’re using.  Even if your business doesn’t necessarily land the customer, it means that you’re getting the word out about your company, and that could make a big difference in the long run.

While someone is looking through a business directory, they have numerous options in how to organize the listing.  If they simply have no more direction than the particular listing they already have up, they can organize it alphabetically, and start searching for the one they want to contact.  Other than that they got stuff like size, volume, locality, activity, and much more depending on the particular business directory you’re accessing.

To form a summary, a business directory is a directory that will list businesses categorized the way that you want too.  It uses facts, contact information, and much more to help people find the businesses they need regardless if they need it local, or otherwise.  No matter why you need it, if you need to browse through a list of businesses, then it’s a wise decision to check out a few business directories to get the job done.

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